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History of the Hotel

The Celts already had skills to create mountain cart routes over the Alps. The thus created paths served the trade with the South. The Romans improved these streets and created an admirable road network for those times.
A Roman main street led from Italy via Aquileia (next to the Gulf of Trieste) through Carinthia and Lungau via the Radstadt Tauern in the Pongau and on to Iuvavum (now Salzburg).

Our knowledge of the road to Virinum with the crossing of the Radstadt Tauern is well appointed. The section on the Tauern is on of the most famous Roman mountain roads in Europe. A variety of discovered Roman milestones and the records in the "Tabula Peutingeriana" report accurately of this Roman state road. So the name of the Hotel Römerhof****superior originated.

Like many great stories, that of the Mayer family began with a special event. An event which gave rise to a new destination for Alpine holiday enjoyment: the Hotel Römerhof in Obertauern. It all began in 1951 with what was, at the time, just an ordinary winter holiday.

In 1957, construction started on the Hotel Römerhof. To begin with the hotel had just 35 rooms, but it has continued to grow from that day - until today. The hotel didn’t slake the Mayers’ enormous thirst for long: in 1986, Hans Mayer's son acquired the Schaidbergbahn, an old lift which he developed into a modern 6-seater chairlift. In addition, he built two drag lifts and the 4-seater Achenrainbahn chairlift.

In 1971 the first indoor swimming pool was built and went into operation in the season of 1971/72 - at this time a unique luxury.

In 1976 another big extension followed, the so-called north-wing and the staff accomodations. This part of the hotel, off course later often renovated, still exists. Thus the house had about 55 rooms, which already partly resembled the comfort standards of today. 

As next giant step towards the look of today's hotel was established in 1990, the distinctive tower, the extension of the dining hall and the Apartments Romulus and Remus were built back then. Thus the house came to the current level of about 140 beds.

In 1999 big comfort improvement by building an underground parking.

In 2004 expansion of the wellness area and construction of our ski bridge

In 2006 the last big reconstruction in the area of the south wing (family suites) and our current staff house on top of the underground parking were established.

Since that time, rooms, premises and technical equipment are constantly being renovated and improved. Another expansion of the house, however, is not being considered.

In 2008, the Hotel Römerhof celebrated its 50th anniversary.

In 2010 Opening of a branch of the sports shop "Skiworld"

In 2011 complete renovation including a new look for the tower-apartments "Romulus" & "Remus" 

In 2012 part renovation of the two-bed Studio room thus creating modern but nonetheless comfortable Junior suites.

2013 also wasn't a year of inactivity. There was the the general renovation of the legendary Römerbar. In addition, the dining room has been renovated and given a new modern design.

2014 the cosmetic & massage room was renovated and also the construction of the new spa reception took place.

Above all, the continuing success of the Römerhof is down to the family’s visionary spirit of innovation. Their continual striving to offer their guests the best. Cosy, comfortable accommodation with an up-to-date feel, gourmet cuisine offering everything from modern to hearty, and naturally its proximity to the ski area thanks to the unique ski bridge, mean that the Hotel Römerhof is a top destination which even the Beatles appreciated in their heyday.

One thing is for sure: the Mayer family, already in its third generation of running the hotel, will continue to ensure that their Römerhof offers guests exceptional holiday enjoyment, and captivates them from the moment they walk in the door.

Family Mayer • Römerstraße 41 • 5562 Obertauern
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