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Since the foundation of the hotel, we have been aware of the unique location of the house. Its position on the Roman road to Virunum, now Zollfeld, leading to the pass over the Radstadt Tauern range had been a frequented crossroads for travellers for centuries. Many Roman milestones and documents confirm this, and this is also why we decided on the telling name Hotel Römerhof for our house. Much has happened since then. We, the Host Family Mayer, have moved on and have handed over the business to the next

generation. There is no standstill at the Römerhof as constant improvements are made for both our guests and employees. Warm and welcoming service has been at the heart of what we do since day one and contributes greatly to the unique Römerhof charm. It is not easy to summarise our eventful history in just a few words. There have been many milestones, each of which has greatly influenced the Römerhof and has been engraved in our memories. Join us on a journey through time.

The Römerhof idea was born during a Mayer family winter holiday. The ambitious project increasingly came to life, and in 1957 the foundation stone was laid for the Römerhof. An abundance of family enthusiasm, hard graft, and extraordinary thirst for action imbued the 35-room hotel with life.

As early as 1965 we registered the first highlight. During the shooting of the movie “Help!”, the Beatles chose the Römerhof for accommodation and to enjoy some of the hotel’s exceptional luxury. The only gig in Austria, which endeared the mop tops – as the Beatles were called – to the local audience, is unforgotten even today, not only here in Obertauern. Many traces of their visit can still be found in our house, ranging from photos, original signatures to tales of those who were on location when the film was shot.

During the 1970s, a great step was taken to provide further amenities and comfort for our guests. The indoor swimming pool – in those days a real luxury – was inaugurated in the season of 1971/72. Five years later, we created new staff accommodations and the so-called northern tract, extending the building to include a total of 55 comfortable rooms. In 1986, Hans Mayer’s son purchased the Schaidbergbahn and developed it further to create a modern chairlift and three additional lift installations.

The 90s also brought great changes. The conspicuous tower became a Römerhof landmark and added a larger dining area as well as the apartments “Romulus” and “Remus”. Further improvements were a result of the construction of an underground garage, creating a superb hotel with 140 beds – the size it is today – and many additional amenities.

It was never family policy to rest on our laurels, and thus the house saw further improvements and extensions in 2004. Our ski bridge now provides direct and quick access to the slopes. A new staff building and constant modernisation of the existing rooms, suites, and premises required time and investment. In 2008, we were finally able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Römerhof.

In 2018, the stage was set for the “Römerbau” to take our traditional hotel an important step from the past into the future. New panoramic suites in modern style with design features including quality materials and breathtaking views now enthral our guests. The new restaurant, granting a superb view of the Alpine ranges, benefits from both a generous and elegant design. Social distancing is facilitated by the new buffet area with open kitchen. Furthermore, our employees can benefit from a new staff building, new fitness area, and new carports.

Familie Mayer • Römerstraße 41 • 5562 Obertauern
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