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Vitality & new energy. Experienced with all your senses.

Every touch frees you.

Put your well-being in experienced and attentive hands. In our spa hotel in Obertauern we offer professional massage treatments. Reward yourself for all the challenges of everyday life, whether large of small. Treat yourself to some me-time. Find the inspiration that will complete your spa holiday in Obertauern. To do this, choose from our attractive, varied range of massages:

Massages in Obertauern. Body and mind in harmony.
There is little a precious as a healing touch. In our cosy massage room, you will feel quite literally “in good hands”, safe and secure as you embark on a journey to finding a new harmony. Each touch of the masseur releases tension, alleviates tired ski muscles and clears your energy channels, filling you with a new zest for life.

Massages in the Hotel Römerhof

Partial massage
The classic back massage.
25 min.
€ 35,00
Full body massage
Full body massage, including arms and legs.
50 min.
€ 70,00
Partial aromatic oil massage
You choose the herbal oil for this massage.
25 min.
€ 37,00
Aromatic oil massage
Massage with herbal oil. You decide if you want to enjoy the message with stimulating or relaxing herbal oil.
50 min.
€ 74,00
Sports massage
Relax your legs after a hard day of skiing.
25 min.
€ 38,00
Shoulder-neck special
This kind of treatment is special for headache and shoulder pain.
25 min.
€ 38,00
Combined massage
A back and foot reflexology massage.
50 min.
€ 73,00
Reflexology massage
This massage stimulates the whole body.
25 min.
€ 38,00
Lymphatic drainage for legs or face
A very relaxing massage for your head and face.
25 min.
€ 38,00
The warm lava stones are placed on the energy points.
50 min.
€ 78,00

Reserved appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours before date free of charge. Otherwise we charge the full amount of the booked arrangement. Thank you for your understanding.

Book in advance: Your Massages in Obertauern.


Our Tip: Book your personal pampering program before your holidays...

In order to guarantee the desired date and time for your massage in Obertauern, we advise you to book your appointment in advance by emailing hotel@roemerhof.at.

Mr. Markus Winkler will be happy to advise you personally on your treatment choices.

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Enjoyed your massage in our spa hotel in Obertauern? Want to gift the same wonderful experience to a loved one? No problem. In our voucher world, you will find the perfect gift for family, friends and colleagues.

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