Temperature: 9°C
Fineweather: 80%
Frostborder: 3000 m
Temperature: 15°C
Fineweather: 80%
Frostborder: 3300 m
Temperature: 17°C
Fineweather: 70%
Frostborder: 3500 m
Temperature: 16°C
Fineweather: 70%
Frostborder: 3500 m
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The Römerhof has been part of our family’s history since generations. But that does not mean that we are standing still. Rather we use our love to our home country and its nature, to develop further and try to preserve the beauty of the region for the coming generations of locals and guests. A place to be

admired and experienced. New creative ideas and innovative projects make their way to the Römerhof and provide ever-improving amenities and a comfortable place of work for our RömerTEAM.

We use the best, …

to create something extraordinary.

  • Local: We know a lot of our suppliers personally and therefore we can rely on the quality of their products. Farmers and suppliers from the region supply us with most of the products needed in our kitchen. 
  • Sustainable: We buy products from sustainable farms and from welfare-oriented animal husbandry, if possible.
  • Waste reduction: is the next step on our way. Küchenprofi supports us in optimizing our purchasing and working processes in the kitchen. Confirmation of participation
  • Creative: The Römerhof Kitchen is known for creating wonderful delicacies an perfect gourmet experiences.
  • Our suppliers:

    • meat: butchery Ablinger, Oberndorf butchery Lankmayr/ Mauterndorf;
    • deer: Fleischerei Lankmayr/Mauterndorf & from our own hunting ground;
    • bread and pastry: Bäckerei Lasser, Traditionsbäckerei Binggl;
    • free-range eggs from Salzburger Landei;
    • cheese: Fötschl Alm, Erwin Bauer/Thomatal, Salzburger Land Käse;
    • milk: Bio-Bauernhof Flattnergut; Salzburger Land Milch;
    • milk produce: Salzburger Land with the AMA seal of quality;
    • potatoes: Lungauer Eachtling;
    • sweet water: Fischerei Ausserland, Finest Fish/Attersee;
    • salt-water fish: u. a. Fonda;
    • honey: Lungauer Honig Bernhard Kaml, Aigner Karl/Unternberg,
    • ice cream: Eisgreissler

Team player

we are stronger together.
  • We do not only pay lip service to values like honesty, respect and a friendly co-working atmosphere, but we live it.
  • About 50 staff members gladly take greatest care and passion of the well-being of our guests. Only if the working atmosphere is good and our personal commitment is valued, our staff member can give their best. And therefore, we try to create a comfortable work place for them. 
  • Our staff members find a home during their work in our new or expanded workmen’s house. The comfortable single rooms are equipped with a lot of amenities and for time together we provide a gym and common rooms.
  • Every year we are part of a motivated team, see how friendships develop and how people work together for one common goal. We are very proud of our RömerTEAM.

Traditionally familiar

deeply rooted in the region.
  • The third generation of our family passionately leads the Römerhof and pampers its guests.
  • 1958 the Römerhof was constructed by Ing. Hans Mayer and Dr. Margarethe Mayer.
  • For more than 40 years Peter and Cecilia Mayer have led the house and have made the Römerhof, the place it is today.
  • Solidarity is an important value in Obertauern. Therefore, our house is deeply rooted in the traditions and lifestyle of the region.
  • Obertauern is not only the holiday home for our guests. This beautiful mountain village is also our home all year round and do everything to preserve the landscape and mountains, that our children can enjoy it as much as we do.
  • We share our passion for mountains – skiing, ski touring and hiking – with our team and our guests. 

Obertauern -

our home – your holiday destination.
  • Obertauern offers great advantages – even in the challenging times of social distancing.
  • You can enter the ski resort directly from our hotel. Due to the location of the ski resort around the village of Obertauern, the skiers spread in the whole area and large gatherings can be avoided.
  • You do not have to spend time waiting in endless queues at the gondola or riding crowded ski buses.
  • Our house is family-run, but also all lifts in Obertauern are operated by locals. For example, the Schaidbergbahn with the surrounding beginner’s lifts are part of our house.
Familie Mayer • Römerstraße 41 • 5562 Obertauern
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