Wellness & spa hotel Obertauern, massages & treatments
Wellness & spa hotel Obertauern, massages & treatments
Wellness & spa hotel Obertauern, massages & treatments
Treat yourself right at the
  • our beautician Suszanna pampers your skin and your senses with Dr. Spiller care products
  • our certified masseur Markus is available for sports and relaxation massages
  • appointments can be made by email to hotel@roemerhof.at 
  • unique blends of best ingredients are arranged to perfectly suit your skin type and offer you bespoke treatments
  • individual treatments and recommendations for massages and beauty
  • our certified masseur Markus and Suszanna our beautician/masseuse Suszanna gladly help you to choose your treatment
Overview of massage treatments
  • Partial massage- the classic back massage (25 minutes)
  • Full body massage - full body massage, including arms and legs (50 minutes)
  • Partial or full body aromatic oil massage - massage with herbal oil. You decide if you want to enjoy the massage with stimulating or relaxing herbal oil (25 or 50 minutes)
  • Hot–Stone–Massage - the warm lava stones are placed on the energy points - where body functions are controlled and influenced. Gently guided over the body, the Hot Stones givea distinct feeling of well-being, a noticeable harmony and an absolute relaxation for the entire musculature (50 minutes)
  • Sports massage- relax your legs after a hard skiing day (25 minutes)
  • Full body, Sports massage- sports massage is a type of massage used in the field of sports, It is applied on one hand to increase performance, through improved regeneration after stress, on the other hand to avoid injuries (50 minutes)
  • Shoulder–neck special- this kind of treatment is special for headache and shoulder pain (25 minutes)
  • Combined massage- a back and foot reflexology massage (50 minutes)
  • Lymphatic drainage for legs or face- a very relaxing way to act on congestion in the legs or headaches (25 or 50 minutes)
  • Reflexology massage- his form of therapy has a reflective effect on the entire body via the soles of the feet (25 or 50 minutes)
  • Honey massage full body - a combination of soft skin with the detoxifying effect of honey and strengthening the connective tissue (50 minutes)
  • Stone pine or herbal stamp massage, full body- this very relaxing type of massage is massaged with regional stone pine shavings or cotton bags filled with herbs (50 minutes)

Subject to change. Booked treatments can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the appointment starts. Otherwise, the full amount will be charged. Thank you for understanding.

Overview of beauty treatments
  • Collagen treatment – anti aging. The innovative treatment with visible lifting effect - neck and decollete treatment - brow shaping, cleansing, peeling, removal of skin impurities, collagen mask, ampoule, final care, eye cream (80 minutes)
  • Winter facial treatment according to Dr. Spiller – For Her and Him. Treatment after too much sun, wind and snow. ndividually tailored facial treatment: Demanding skin – maximum moisture and silkiness. Sensitive skin – recovery for sensitive skin. Normal skin – special treatment with argan oil - deep cleansing with enzyme peeling, removal of skin impurities, mask, massage, final care and eye cream (70 minutes)
  • Mini facial treatment for in between times -facial massage incl. cleansing, peeling and day care (30 minutes)
  • Special eye treatment for glowing eyes - revitalizing minerals combined with an eye fleece mask, give relaxation and smoothness (20 minutes)
  • Ayurvedic facial and head massage - during an Ayurveda facial massage, gentle strokes over the marma points relieve tensions under the skin surface (the hair gets oily!) (25 minutes)

Kids and teens will be kings and queens ( 4-14 years)

  • Mini facial treatment and manicure - cleansing, deep-acting fresh & fruit cream, gentle facial massage,hand bath, then small manicure, nails shaping, final care and hand massage (40 minutes)
  • Kids- and teenager massage - soft partial body massage with rich body oil (20 minutes)

Hand and foot care

  • Small Manicurehand bath, nail cutting, protecting care (30 minutes)
  • Spa Manicure nourishing hand bath, peeling, shaping nails, cuticle removal, protective care and final hand and forearm massage (55 minutes)
  • Spa Pedicurerefreshing foot bath with tea tree oil, peeling, removal of the cornea and cuticle, bringing nails into shape, protective care and final relaxing foot massage (65 minutes)
  • Nail polish(20 minutes)
  • Shellac – Just like nail polish - only longer lasting (25 minutes)
  • Removal of Shellac (15 minutes)

Eye treatments

  • Eyebrow plucking (10 minutes)
  • Eyebrow or eyelash tinting (20 minutes)
  • Hair removal with warm wax for the upper lip (15 minutes)

Subject to change. Booked treatments can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the appointment starts. Otherwise the full amount will be charged. 

Massages & Beauty treatments at the Hotel Obertauern

Self-confident, radiant, in balance – beauty stands for quality of life and therefore we should treat it with care. In our spa hotel in Obertauern we celebrate Roman bathing and beauty culture and blend it with our bond with nature and contemporary scientific methods. Modern cosmetic treatments promise a tranquil spa experiences that enhances wealth and well-being from within, supporting healthy skin. It has visible and sustainable effects and leaves you feeling confident in your skin.

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